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Our names are Nick and Nikki - We are a couple of geeks that created My Nerd Life based on the idea of giving you, our customers, a ‘subtle geek’ design, for geeks by geeks!

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Our brand focuses on simple, minimalist, and retro-inspired designs based on board tabletop games that you can’t find at cons or in stores. We are USA based and we strive to print and use environmentally friendly products.

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Greatest Group Gift

I actually bought my whole party shirts from here and are giving them as Christmas gifts. All of the shirts are a great quality. I love the colors. I cannot wait for our get together or our yearly meet up at the Renaissance Festival. We are going to look awesome! I know everyone is going to love their shirts.


This is a damn fine sweater for an adventure

Not much to say but the sweater and print are true to color and comfy as heck. Get personal with these bad boys!



Love everything about this shirt -- the sizing is great, the cut is flattering, and the vintage-style design is too charming. An instant favorite!


Community Spotlight!

Checkout Better Backstories!

They have a genre-neutral, card-based life history generator for creating detailed backstories. It can be used with any RPG system and is also good for creative writing and creating random plots.

Check them out at

or hit the link below.

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