What D&D race are you based on the Zodiac?

Have you ever wondered which D&D race you’d be according to your zodiac sign? If you’re looking for a creative way to pick your next character for your next campaign, read on to find out which one you’d be. This article includes races from all different handbooks and guides.


  Aries - Changeling



To start off with, the Aries sign represents being incredibly spirited, motivated and passionate. They’re often good leaders, and fit the changeling archetypes perfectly, as they’re both known for being adaptable and creative.


Taurus - Half-Elf

Half Elf


The Taurus sign represents comfort, loyalty and reliability. The steady yet curious nature of a Taurus combines the traits of humans and mystical elves perfectly, making them a wonderful fit for the intriguing half-elf race.

Gemini - Satyr


Geminis are mystical and adaptable, and are often found in creative roles. The sign often faces the stereotype that they’re ‘two-faced’- but they’re actually malleable and can fit any number of different circumstances. This makes them perfect for satyrs. Satyrs can be chaotic depending on their alignment, but they’re known as charismatic and fun characters within the game.

Cancer - Gnome



The Cancer sign represents intuition and emotions, and cancers are known for being nurturing souls. Often, people with the cancer sign are known as the ‘mum friend’ and they fit the gnome characteristics perfectly. They’re caring and inquisitive, and love to express themselves visually.

Leo - Leonin


Leos are passionate, confident and creative- if a bit dramatic. While it may be somewhat stereotypical to assign Leos Leonins, they match wonderfully. They’re powerful and attention-grabbing, and will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their friends.

Virgo - Dragonborn



The Virgo sign represents logic and systems, as is the Dragonborn race. Dragonborns can be found in dedicated clans with logical, structured hierarchies and roles. They’re proud and devoted, and take great pride in protecting their clans.

Libra - Loxodon


Libras are smart, generous and well-balanced. They’re usually big fans of working within systems, yet they’re creative spirits too. The Loxodon race describes Libras perfectly, as they’re intelligent, loyal and seek to maintain harmony in their societies.

Scorpio - Tiefling



Scorpios are independent, powerful and creative people. They’re known for being thought leaders and artists, and make incredibly dedicated friends. They make the perfect match for Tieflings, as they’re self-reliant, fiercely loyal and skilled at a number of different roles.

Sagittarius - Human



Sagittarians are idealistic yet logical, and they’re often very smart. They love to travel, learn and meet new people. D&D humans fit the Sagittarius sign perfectly. They’re ambitious yet practical, protective of their friends and can fit a wide number of roles/jobs.

Capricorn - Kalashtar



The Capricorn sign represents honesty, ambition and discipline. They’re intelligent people, and make a perfect match for the Kalashtar people. Kalashtar are thoughtful, intellectual and traditional, known for always thinking before they act.

Aquarius - Elf



Aquarians are unique, independent souls. They’re often creatives, found in artistic jobs and roles. Elves make the perfect match for Aquarians, as they’re dreamy, intensely focused and curious about changing the world around them.

Pisces - Genasi



Finally, Pisceans are sensitive, intuitive and artistic. They’re thought of as the dreamers of the zodiac, in tune with nature and other realms. This makes them the ideal match for the Genasi race, who are associated with the elements, magical skills and craftsmanship.

Which character did you get based on your sign? Feel free to let us know in the comments section whether you thought it was accurate- the archetypes and traits of the zodiac signs and races were what fueled this particular post.


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