6 of the Best Nerdy Gifts

Great gifts to get your loved ones finishing exam season right now


It’s been a stressful year for students, and many of them are finishing up exam season right now. The combination of long-distance learning and the added stress of the pandemic have made this finals season difficult for many, so it’s important to support and celebrate the students in your life wherever possible right now.


To help you out with cheering on and supporting your loved ones, we’ve handpicked 6 of the best gift ideas on our website to help bring a smile to their face this season.


Fluffy game room blanket

To start off with, room decor can be a wonderfully thoughtful gift. If your loved one has a games room or themed bedroom, getting them a themed blanket for their bed or couch can be a fantastic gift idea. Why not look on Etsy for a plushie from their favorite game to go along with the blanket to make it even more memorable?


Comfy alignment-themed hoodie

If you’re shopping for a D&D fan, it’s great to know their player alignment. Is their character chaotic good or lawful evil, for example? If you know this about them, you can snag them a perfectly themed hoodie to keep cosy in while they’re playing their next campaign.


 Printed geeky travel mug

Generally speaking, students consume enough caffeine to fuel a small city- so why not help them out by grabbing them a travel mug to use on their way to class? We’ve got plenty of fun, geeky travel mugs on our website. This Dungeons and Dragons travel mug is the perfect gift for a chaotic good player looking to stay caffeinated.


World of Warcraft race t-shirt

If your loved one has a favorite World of Warcraft race, getting them a fun and comfy t-shirt with a relevant design on it could be a great way to congratulate them on their exam season. We’ve got products for all the WoW races on our site- take a look at this Highmountain Tauren retro tee as a starting point.


Cozy exercise gear

As summer comes around, some students will be looking to get back into their outdoor hobbies again- which makes exercise gear a thoughtful and practical gift. A matching exercise set or pair of comfy leggings can be wonderful to receive if you’re a sporty person, especially if it’s paired with a few healthy treats and comfy socks to run in.


MyNerdLife gift card

If you’re still not sure what to get your loved one after skimming through these ideas, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got gift cards on offer, too. These are perfect for last minute celebratory presents, or to send someone living in a different city to you.


Check out our full website for more

If you like what we’ve picked out here, make sure to check out our full website for more. We’ve got plenty of fun, nerdy goodies for every Dungeons and Dragon alignment and World of Warcraft race, to suit all kinds of gamers and pop culture fans. Take a look at our full website here to learn more about our products.

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