Lich - Enamel Pin

Lich - Enamel Pin

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Unleash your arcane power with the Lich Soft Enamel Pin from our new Adventurer Series.

This captivating 1.5-inch pin features a formidable Lich, adorned with a crown and flowing robes, casting a spell with one hand while holding an ancient tome in the other. The detailed design captures the Lich's skeletal visage, mystical aura, and commanding presence, embodying the essence of this powerful and fearsome character.

Crafted with high-quality soft enamel, this pin offers a smooth and vibrant finish that stands out on any surface. It's perfect for adding a touch of dark magic to your jacket, backpack, or lanyard, making it an ideal accessory for those who wield power with intelligence and strategy.

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My nerd life was so easy to work with! I messaged them with a custom request and they were super fast at responding!

Dallas, TX

Super cute and soft t-shirts! High quality and some of my favorite shirts to wear.

Greensboro, NC

Great selection of alignments with multiple designs! repping my chaotic good

Boerne, TX

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